Which X-Men Would You Be?


My partner and I went to the new X-Men movie today. It was awesome. Afterwards we got into a discussion about who’s power we’d want if we could have anyone’s power. I said I’d want Logan’s. It would be awesome to be able to regenerate. You wouldn’t have to worry about injuries killing you, but you’d also be safe from illnesses. Cancer wouldn’t be an issue. And never aging? Claws? A metal skeleton? It would be great.
My partner said he’d want Jean’s power. He said it’s because she can do pretty much anything. Though he wouldn’t want the madness.
So if you could choose, who’s power would you take? Why?

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4 thoughts on “Which X-Men Would You Be?

    1. Mreynoso2017 Post author

      Thank you for your encouraging feedback. =) I decided a earlier this month that I need a fresh start and have a more mature blog where I can help encourage people, mainly men about their daily troubles of life. I really appreciate your support and check out my new blogs and let me know if you like them. =)

      1. Mreynoso2017 Post author

        I started a new one called “Viral Wisdom For Men,” which is a site for men so they can seek help and encouragement from my daily blogs to help them become better sons, fathers, and husbands.

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